What does success mean to… YOU?

“Success” is one of those words that has a different meaning for just about everyone. What is success, really? How do you define it?

More importantly, do you define success based on your wants and needs, or someone else’s?

We are surrounded by reminders of what “success” is supposed to look like. Whether it’s making a certain salary, attaining a prestigious job title, publishing a book, being recognized by colleagues for a job well done, or being a good parent, our social media feeds are filled with examples of success, but unless we are crystal clear on what it means for us, it’s easy to feel like we’re not “doing it right” or, that we’re on a treadmill with ever-changing and ever-elusive “carrots” to try to reach in the future.

When I work with my leadership coaching clients, it’s critically important that we identify early on what their definition of success actually is, and where it came from. Often, this definition comes from outside of ourselves (our parents, our industry, our peers), when in reality it’s an inside job.

Here are some questions I ask my clients that you can reflect on today:

  • Do you have success right now? (take a moment to really think about your answer)
  • Has your definition of success stayed the same throughout your life?  Is it time to re-examine, or has it already changed as a result of reaching goals and then wanting “more” or deeper fulfillment?
  • Are you living your life in alignment with your purpose and values?

As I support my high-achieving clients in having the impact they are meant to have, the answers to these questions can provide interesting insight into why we want what we really want. We can reveal what truly brings us joy, and then create the strategies and mindset to have that joy… right now.

We all know that life is precious. We know far too many people whose lives were cut short too soon. How we BE in the world is just as important as what we DO.

As you are reading this, think of what impact you have already had.  Building upon that, think about the difference that you want to make in the world. Think of who you want to make that difference for, and why all that will matter.

There are many, many ways to achieve THAT kind of success. Success may, or may not be, a certain job title, or income, or goal. But YOU get to mindfully choose it or discard your current definition of success – not others. Be bold, be brave, and choose success on YOUR terms.

To your amazing, fulfilling, creative, unique, purposeful and joyful success,


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