Big Dreams? Start “Small”


Sometimes it’s the “little things” that create the profound breakthroughs and shifts we seek.

As I coach leaders to curate lives of meaning, financial sustainability, ease, balance and joy, we go deep.

The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy helps leaders at crossroad moments powerfully reveal their purpose, identify and leverage their unique superpowers, and then connect with the very people and organizations needing the impact they (already) know how to create.

While every person and their dream scenario they long to create is different, in all cases the path to achieving it needs more than a business plan, an updated resume, learning strategies for working with difficult people, or doing power poses and daily affirmations (which are all good things!).

What is needed to make the change you envision?

The short answer:  you need clarity & confidence in who you are, why you are here, and thus what you (really) want!  Only then can we reverse engineer your own right path to achieving it.

One of the many outcomes of The Academy that I am most energized by is witnessing how connecting to the impact we have on others when we’re feeling joy, creates momentum and new opportunities as leaders find their unique voice, and learn how to courageously communicate it.   

  • Are YOU sharing your voice?  (What do you want to say? And why?  “So that… (name the impact you wish to occur).”
  • Are YOU stepping into vulnerability and owning your impact?  (Do you know what your impact on others is when you’re feeling joy? Do you let people know, so that the very people and organizations who need that can find you?  Are you monetizing your impact and superpowers?)  
  • Are you honoring and leveraging how you see the world, and how you can help?

Those are big questions. 

Here are three “little” prompts as an example of how sometimes we may not be using our voice fully, (and often getting frustrated that people aren’t hearing our ideas, acknowledging us for things that are meaningful, or realizing our value).  The first two are so simple, and yet they have created some of the most unexpected “ah-ha’s” I’ve seen.  See what you think!

  • “You are so welcome.  It was my pleasure to …” – For the next 7 days, observe what you do when someone thanks you for something. Do you respond with a direct “You are welcome”? or do you say something along the lines of “Oh, it was nothing”?  Since we want to reinforce people noticing our true impact, do you also add the second part: “It was my pleasure to … (insert your impact. whether or not they have expressed it)?  As you try it, do you feel resistance come up?  Do you feel it sounds like you are “bragging” or “making more of it” than you should?
  • “I recommend…”  I cannot tell you how many leaders say that their ideas are ignored, and then they observe that they never say these words.  What DO you recommend? What paths forward do you see? It’s your job to share your ideas that may have impact – regardless of whether or not your recommendations are taken.
  • “I build/create/help…(insert your impact here)”  After leading searches and interviewing candidates, it was depressing to see what happens when leaders don’t know their own impact.  You sound like everyone else. You try to differentiate yourself through skills (that lots of other leaders have).  You make decisions on next steps based upon “shoulds,” and you can be made to feel that before you can have your dream scenario you need something more, first (certification, a win, more development experience, etc., etc.).  Here’s two Blog posts (I have many on this topic of connecting to our impact and using what I call “elevated messaging”.  

What are the simple phrases YOU use to help prompt you to share your voice, and that have shifted how you show up?

To your success, 
Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

–>> If you are truly at a crossroad moment, are looking for breakthroughs and transformational results, I am here to help. By your side. Guiding you. Encouraging you. Seeing you. Every.Step.Of.The.Way. through a proven process.

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