Impact Goals – Transform How You Feel

Over the years, I’ve led and coached hundreds of results-oriented leaders – leaders who set goals and accomplish them. You likely view this ability, in part, as your own value and a key component to your success. I certainly do.

However, unless you create Impact Goals, you may eventually begin to feel burnt-out, empty, and adrift.

As an example, for many non-profits, today is the last business day of the Fiscal Year.  

For 12 months, board and staff have been working together to achieve an articulated goal; most often expressed as “to end the year on budget.” All year, meetings and financials have been presented to answer the question: “How are we doing – are we going to end the year on budget?” Plans and adjustments have been made accordingly.

And now, here you are.

You’ve either met that budget goal or not.

Regardless of your outcome, can you honestly say that you are exhilarated by it? Or are so inspired that you can’t wait to do it all again next year, and the next, and the next? Are you saying, “YES! woo hoo! This is why I work so hard: to balance the budget!”

Perhaps in the beginning, yes.  But even then, it’s likely because “balancing the budget” means something you care about will have occurred (either to/for you, or for the organization, community, world).

Therefore, when setting goals, the underlying factor to reveal, communicate and celebrate is your unique “… so that …

When I lead annual Board or Staff Summits, we take some time to hear what everyone in the room wants to be personally celebrating in 6-12 months.  And then, we work backwards from that – reverse-engineering the action steps needed for those celebrations to occur. What and how people want to celebrate varies widely, and the process often taps into deep emotions and reveals connection to the mission of the organization. There is tremendous value to learning what stakeholders value, what motivates them, and helps in gathering intel on how to best support them in succeeding.

The same holds true when thinking about our own career trajectory, or personal decisions and next steps.  I’ve worked with many successful leaders who reached their “goals” and yet are not happy.

The Summer is a perfect time of year to create Impact [“So that…”] Goals and connect with what is meaningful to you, and why.  Here’s some Guiding Questions to help:

  • Look ahead.
  • What do you want to be celebrating and when? (and I mean, fist pumping, happy tears of joy celebrating, not just what you think you “should” be achieving!)
  • You want to celebrate that, So That… what will occur (to you, and to others)?
  • Why is that so meaningful to you?
  • Create a goal that articulates the impact you want to achieve, how you’re going to do that, and…
  • How do you want to celebrate achieving that impact?  Be creative!

Of course, every day is a perfect time to take stock, and celebrate the impact you are currently having on those around you when you “show up” fully as your unique, extraordinary, imperfect self.  Acknowledge the ripples of impact that you create by Be-ing… and let me know how and what you’re going to celebrate!

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