Don’t Burn Out. We NEED you.

“Joy is both a litmus test and a compass for
creating the meaningful success we (really) want.”

– Kathryn

As September quickly approaches, what are you feeling? 

If you are feeling anything less than exuberance at the upcoming possibilities for you to feel joy and have impact… we need to talk.

For many, this change of season can be a time when the thought of “doing it all over again” or “not yet being in your dream scenario” feels depleting.

Tasks that once inspired you creatively, may now seem mind-numbingly routine. Challenges seem to have increased while much-needed resources have decreased.  People don’t appreciate or understand the value that you bring, and you may be tired of trying to explain and advocate for yourself.   And yet, you may worry that making a change now is risky. 

There is good news.

Having an awareness that you are not feeling what you want to be feeling, combined with gathering some key, missing self-intel, creates a singular opportunity to create a transformative shift internally and put you on a path of financial sustainability, ease, balance, clarity and purpose.  No matter what.

In looking back at my career, I can identify each of the moments where I began feeling frustrated, exhausted, antsy, or sad.  In hindsight, these moments were always a clear indication that it was time for a change in order to expand my ripples of impact.  At the time however, it was always messy. I didn’t yet have clarity on what my superpowers are, what my purpose is, and what the external and internal components I need to create in order to have the impact I’m meant to have (and that brings me joy).  I relied on others’ advice on what to do.  Like so many dedicated professionals, it took a lot of handwringing and list-making for me to make changes, and – again with the benefit of hindsight, my process seemed to follow Five Stages similar to grief:

  1. Denial:  I’m just having a bad day, I’ll feel better after my vacation, It’s not so bad.
  2. Anger:  No one understands!  Somebody/something is getting in my way or making my life miserable!  I am wasting my time on things that don’t matter!

NOTE: I am grateful that, for me, I made changes after Stages 1 and 2. Sometimes the change was a new job, and other times it was adopting a new way of leading and thinking.  My mission is to help others do the same by revealing key (and always missing) data on themselves, rather than continuing into the next stages:     

  1. Bargaining: I’ll wait and see if things get better, I’ll start looking at other options once I have more training/experience, I’ll start doing yoga.
  2. Depression and 5. Acceptance (in this context, Acceptance is NOT a good thing):  This is just what my industry is like. This is all I can hope to expect with my level of experience.

Why is feeling joy so strategically critical in a career and life?

It just IS. 😉  I’ve done a lot of writing on this, and it is the foundation for my coaching practice and how I lead The Symphony in it’s new journey.  Here’s the bottom line truth:  When you are feeling that “top of the world, firing on all cylinders, full heart feeling (I call that JOY)”… it is in that moment when you are creating the impact – in your wonderful, unique, quirky way – that you are meant to have.  Therefore,

“Joy is not a selfish act. It is an indication that you are living in your purpose and making a difference in the world.  Being guided by joy is both an invitation and a responsibility.” – Kathryn

Three Prompts to OWN your Final Months of 2022!

  • PROMPT 1:  As you think about the upcoming four months, what do you feel?  Then, make a list of all the reasons why.  (“I’m bored, I’m just going through the motions,” “my board/boss/partner is a jerk,” “I’m not valued,” “there’s too much work and not enough resources,” “If I don’t find a job, I’m not going to be able to support my family,” etc.)   
  • PROMPT 2:  If you are feeling less than a form of joy, what do you want to be feeling?  And, when you feel that, what will be made possible for others (directly and indirectly)? [spend some time here]
  • PROMPT 3:  What is preventing you from feeling your joy – and thus having the impact you are meant to achieve?  Hint:  it is almost never your Prompt 1 “Why” answers. 

If you’d like to test your assumptions about what is possible for you, have clarity on what to do next, when and how, and if you want to actively curate your Next Chapter, I invite you to join The Career (Life!) Breakthrough Academy today!  

To a year of unlimited joy and impact!

Next Chapter Coach
Creator of The Career (Life!) Breakthrough AcademyTM

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