Don’t Set Resolutions: There’s a better way

“Setting an intention for BE-ing comes with the same intended resolve and accountability as our New Year’s resolutions – with a deeper understanding of our Why’s and the benefit to others, and an empowering clarity.” -Kathryn I send you my wishes for 2021 to be your year of joy and celebration of the extraordinary ripples […]


Making your 2017 Resolutions…Stick

Happy New Year! Have you ever wondered why it’s so common to set resolutions and intentions at the start of a new year? (and why they may not always stick?) The turning of the page to a new year (and time in general), is a purely human construct that helps us measure things. It’s no different […]

It’s Time to Bloom

Spring offers the possibility to re-align, and begin actively curating the life you (really) want and are meant to have.